Friday, April 15, 2011


Not a whole lot has gone on this week. The usual babysitting, knitting in my free time, reading in any free time I can find beyond that, and trying to keep Topher's endless energy expended.
We were able to go to the park several times this week. Topher always rides there in his wagon or stroller, but coming home is a different story. He must pull the wagon or push the stroller all by himself the entire way. It's at least half a mile home. Do not offer to help him. He's two. He's perfectly capable of this impossible task. And it only takes about an hour to get back, so just chill out, mom. And don't walk so close to him. He's not a baby, after all.
The other day we were all walking home like this (at a snail's pace) and Topher kept pushing the stroller ahead of himself and then running to catch up. And several times he would miss a step and land hard on his right knee. It was an awful thing, watching him fall over and over and land in exactly the same way each time. But to his credit, he didn't shed a single tear. He's a tough little boy. By the time we got home, his knee was minus a few layers of skin (in a few different places) and we decided to give him a band-aid. Besides vaccinations, we have never put a band-aid on this kid, can you believe that?
You should have seen the way he wrinkled his forehead and breathed heavily as though we were performing some major surgery. You should have seen the look of determination on his face that he was going to be brave about this whole situation. You should have seen him try to stand up and then walk as though he was maimed because this strange thing was on his knee. Well, true to 2-year-old form, he's now a little obsessed with his band-aid. He wants me to change it once a day and he wants to inspect his scab each time to make sure it's getting better.
I know as he gets bigger, I won't be able to slap a band-aid on everything and fix it all so easily. But for right now I can. And it's lovely.

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