Monday, November 28, 2011

Summing Up Oct and Nov

Sorry I'm the worst blogger ever.  Here's a quick recap of some (fairly) recent events:

After the big party came Halloween.  At the church Halloween party, our family won this (for the life of me this picture would not load right side up):

For dressing like this:

Then on beggar's night TJ decided that pirates had been done to death, so he was Voldemort instead:
And Topher had fun and wore himself out.


Not a lot to report in November.  I hit a knitting wall and now I can't decide what else to make for Christmas gifts.  Anything that saves me from getting carpal tunnel, I think.  All our neighbors will be receiving decorated Christmas jars filled with homemade goodies.  I just think that making gifts helps me to stay focused and in the "Christmas spirit."  It's a way for me to inject a little love into everything I give.

Speaking of goodies, Topher really got into helping me make some cake balls.  So maybe his needed a little help but he was SO proud of himself:

These were the finished products:

The OTHER thing that is happening now is the big PT (which in Parent World is Potty Training.)  It's very gradual around here.  One day Topher wanted his Wall-E underwear so we put it on him and kept trying the potty.  He went twice that day and then had four accidents.  After much laundry, we did it again the next day.  Just kept him in his underwear until naptime or bedtime, at which point we'd stick a diaper back on him.  We noticed that he usually woke up dry.  And even though it's gradual there are no treats or presents involved, just a high five and a happy celebration each time he goes.  Today has been his best day yet.  He's used the potty four times (including a twosie!) and has had NO accidents.  My baby is really growing up now!  Although I have to say that of all the many "baby" things I was SO ready to say good riddance to, diapers have never really bothered me.  Still will be nice not to buy them anymore, though.

Here's a picture of Topher last week when he made his first poo-poo in the potty.  I'm pretty sure I'm obligated as a mommy to take this picture, but I was kind with the angle of the camera:

So there you have it.  Some little events and some big events, all rolling around together and making up the mish-mash of our rather simple, but happy, lives.