Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

We love Christmas.  

Even if it means driving to Kansas City to see my family and then rushing back to be home in time for Santa to find us on Christmas Eve.

Even if it means scrambling to make cookies at the last minute before Topher's bedtime.

And then waiting patiently while Topher paints "just one more picture" for Santa.
And then wants mommy to paint one, too.

And even when Topher wakes up at 5:30am wanting to go downstairs, we still love Christmas.

Because hearing Topher gasp when he sees that his cookies were eaten, and a pile of presents left in Santa's wake...well, that's just the best part.

I especially loved watching Topher find his presents from Santa by looking for the "twirly, swirly writing."

And we even love sharing Christmas with the animals.  Sassy got a can of tuna (her favorite) and Squash got a new cat toy.

And even if we packed up our tree on Christmas afternoon and breathed a sigh of relief that the busiest time of year was finally over, 

we still love Christmas.