Monday, October 1, 2012

Where have we been?

That's a great question.  The answer is not-so-great: busy.  Busy with preschool and babysitting and planning Topher's birthday party and my sister's baby shower.  Busy with church and social dinners and keeping the house from looking like a war zone.  Busy with nearly chopping off my finger in a blender and with Topher finding more ways to keep his knees continually scraped.  

Just life, in all its doldrums and routines and surprises.

This past weekend TJ's immediate family wanted to get away from it all, and they decided that Decorah, Iowa was the place for some peace and quiet and natural beauty.  

It was a long car ride, but that's why knitting was invented.  Topher was excited to bring his preschool homework along with him.  His assignment was to go on a nature walk with his family and collect all the treasures he found in a baggie.  So on Saturday while the rest of the family went on a bike ride, we went hiking in the Twin Springs park.

As we walked along the paved road, we saw a deep ravine stretching up to a bridge high above us.  It was obvious that there was a path on top of the bluffs but it was not obvious how to get up there.  So we left the path and hiked the ravine.  It was even steeper than it looked, but Topher kept insisting that he could do it.

And by golly, he really could.

The views were very pretty up at the top of our "mountain".

The hike back down wasn't half bad either.  Hiking is probably my most favorite thing to do outdoors.


I guess I shouldn't be surprised it ended this way.

Or that our hike was followed by a three-hour nap (from the boy who doesn't take those anymore).  

On Sunday we packed up to go home.  Topher poses here with his *McDonald's happy meal toy that became his best friend over the weekend. 

 *Disclaimer: we do not go near McD's--or any fast food--unless we are on a car trip.  No exceptions.

And even though it was a fun weekend, it felt so good and so right to come home. 

So there you have it.  We are still alive.  Just busy climbing mountains and other such adventures.