Thursday, April 7, 2011

At the farm...

My in-laws have a home and a lot of land out in the country and this past weekend we gathered there with TJ's family to celebrate his mom's birthday.

Over the weekend, Topher kept us highly entertained. First he found a Mickey Mouse hat that TJ got when he was a kid at Disney World, and he wouldn't take it off all morning:

Then he surprised me with how gentle he could be around his new cousin, Miles. He showed Miles the many features of his bouncy chair...

And even gave him a big-cousin kiss. My heart melted, of course.

Miles is getting so big! It was fun to hold him (and even more fun to hand him back to mom whenever he would cry because you know I can be a big baby-phobe.) Here's the handsome guy with TJ's mom. (How can grandmas always make babies fall asleep?? It's a gift I hope to possess one day.)

And when grandma got a new gardening hat for her birthday, Topher traded in Mickey and became Amish instead. I LOVE this picture.

Later, Miles got a kitchen-sink bath. He quickly covered himself when he saw me whip out my camera. Such a modest little fellow.

Meanwhile, in the shed, TJ gave Sassy a bath and Topher thought it was pretty funny to see her all wet like that. She has been smelling like oatmeal shampoo ever since and we all love to bury our noses in her thick, polar-bear coat. Then, because there are acres to run on, Topher did just that. I hear there was a Topher/Miles photo shoot that happened while TJ and I took a quick trip into town, but I haven't seen all the photos yet. I do know that Topher kept his arm around Miles the whole time, though. The weekend was fun, relaxed, and lovely. Happy birthday to an amazing mom, mother-in-law, and grandma! --KC

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  1. What cute photos! I love the one of Topher in Grandma's hat too. What a doll. And he is so lucky to have somewhere so fun to go run and play.