Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Topher does not like costumes. We had to think long and hard before deciding on a "costume" that didn't feel like a costume. We finally chose this: Which helped him get all this: Because when you have a face like this: people just want to give you a lot of candy. :) He got the hang of trick-or-treating after about 2 houses and happily ran door to door for over an hour before wearing out. (It also helped that he LOVES to have his hair cut/styled so when we slicked it over and hair-sprayed it and tried to give him a forehead curl and then told him how handsome he was, he ran to the mirror in his bedroom and smiled and admired himself for awhile before grabbing his pumpkin bucket and demanding to go.) This is quite an improvement over last year's meager stash. Hope everyone had a frightfully happy Halloween. --KC

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