Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tigger Treat

This was Topher's first real Halloween, considering last year he was only a week old and we weren't about to dress him up (he used to scream bloody murder if you tried to dress/undress/bathe him, etc. so we thought it best to just let him be. Plus we were brand new parents and just trying to survive the bomb of bringing our new baby home. Trust me, a costume was the furthest thing from our minds.) But this year he's a big boy and his costume was Tigger, from my mom. She said it was the closest thing to a Mizzou tiger she could find. My mom is awesome. Because beggar's night turned out to be a cold, windy, and rainy night here, Topher had to sport his long john underwear under his costume. Topher, in his long john's...I could have died it was so cute Posing with the puppy
Posing with daddy
We went over to Aimee and Dale's house (my sis and bro-in-law) because they only live about 5 minutes away and we were having dinner with them anyway. We went to 5 houses before Topher lost his patience and wanted to get the costume off.
Topher's very first trick-or-treat house
My little tiger
Daddy and Tigger
Carrying the little one back in out of the yucky weather
One last picture before the costume came off
Topher's spoils Aside from the weather, it was a good time. Next year we'll aim to hit a few more houses, but I'm not sure that Topher could ever look cuter than he did this night. Happy Halloween!

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  1. He looks so adorable in his costume. All warm and cuddly :)