Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birthday Bash Continued

On Sunday afternoon, Topher went over to Grandma & Grandpa Clark's house to continue his birthday celebration. There, he was spoiled (in a good way!) with lots of toys and clothes.
He received a wealth of toys, a puzzle he loves, and some really cute outfits. He loves spending time with his grandma and grandpa. Grandma even made him birthday cupcakes! He didn't eat much of the cupcake, but he had fun smearing the icing around.
Thank you, grandma and grandpa, for the wonderful party and all the fun toys!! On the way home, Sassy was in the back and Topher kept trying to turn around to see his "bup," whose nose is just visible over the back of Topher's seat in this picture.
Eventually, he just fell asleep that way.
By the time we got home, he was thoroughly exhausted from his weekend of partying.
This morning, he was having fun playing in his "birthday suit," even though we explained that his birthday was over. :)
We are convinced that he becomes more beautiful every single day. He just had his one-year checkup yesterday and he was so brave! He only cried for about 5 seconds, just until they let go of his legs after giving him his shots. He weighed 24.5 lbs (80th percentile), he was 31" long (75th %), and his head was 18 5/8" in circumference (75th %). It seems like he is turning into a very well proportioned little guy. He got a clean bill of health and we realized that in his whole first year he never had an ear infection or a single illness that required a medication. We have been incredibly lucky and we count it as one of our greatest blessings to have such a healthy little baby. What a great weekend we all had, and we can't wait to see what surprises this next year will bring.

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