Monday, October 26, 2009

A Kansas City Birthday Bash

We headed to KC to celebrate Topher's first birthday with my family. My sister and brother-in-law, Regina and Justin, graciously offered to throw us a party for the little man. We started Topher's birthday off by making a trip to the pet store, one of our favorite spots to visit. He fell asleep in the car on the way there, but quickly woke up to see all the animals.
From there, we went to a fancy little toy store to see if Topher needed any more birthday presents (ha!) He played a baby grand and chose a little maraca for his birthday toy, which he wouldn't let go of, even while taking a bottle in the car.
Then it was back to Regina and Justin's house to get ready for the party. Topher helped clean up and then had fun with the balloons. It was a sports themed party and Topher was voted Rookie of the Year, MVP, and Overall #1.
When the party was set up, Topher went outside to play for awhile.
Party time! As soon as everyone arrived, Topher fell asleep. We let him nap for about 30 minutes, but then people were asking to see the birthday boy so we woke him up. The food was build-your-own-pizza and turned out great.
Birthday loves from uncle Jon, cousin Audree, aunt Katie, Mar-Mar, cousin Aubrey, and Grandpa.
Cake time! It was the CUTEST ice-cream cake I have ever seen. Unfortunately, because Topher had just woken up and everyone exploded into noise singing "Happy Birthday," this part of the day didn't go so well. We tried singing softer, but the damage had been done. Classic first birthday moment. Poor little sweetheart.
Luckily, there were plenty of presents to help cheer Topher up. He literally got buried in a pile of presents! He loved it, and I don't blame him! He got so many presents that we came home and immediately boxed up most of his "baby" toys to give away.
The next morning, it is finally time to go home. At a rest stop, Topher gets a new diaper and tries out the driver's seat. We're happy to say that Topher did really well in the car! It's not easy to take him long distances but it is possible now, and that's huge. He really didn't cry at all, so it was a tear-free trip! He even slept the last hour or more.
We're home! We love coming home to this house. Topher found his kitty and was entertained for a LONG time. She was a good sport, even though he kept tackling her to the ground and squealing in delight. He LOVES that cat. In this video, you can hear him saying "dat, dat" which means cat.
Like all our trips to KC, it went way too fast. We're so thankful for everyone who took the time to come celebrate Topher's first birthday with us, and for all the fun presents. Regina and Justin, thank you SO much for throwing that amazing party for Topher. It was perfect. It brings us so much joy to watch Topher be surrounded by people who love him. Stay tuned for details on Topher's second first birthday party at TJ's parent's house! Is this a lucky boy or what??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOPHER!!!!

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  1. That is hilarious! I was shocked how fast Topher crawls! I think Squash misses me.