Thursday, November 11, 2010

King Of Chicago

Last weekend we headed to South Elgin, a western suburb of Chicago to see our friends Mat & Angie. They just bought an amazing new home and welcomed all three of us for the weekend. The first day there, Topher found a plastic crown laying around (from a recent birthday party I think) and thought it was the greatest thing ever. He wore it like a gladiator helmet most of the time: But occasionally put it on correctly (some of these photos have been edited by yours truly using a combination of new iPhone apps that I'm totally in love with): We never ventured into the actual city of Chicago, but we have another friend, Al, who took the train from the city to visit us. We haven't seen him in years so it was a really great surprise. Topher, as always, relished being the center of attention:
Saturday we went to a children's museum, but Topher fell asleep on the way there. We joked that we wouldn't pay admission for him until the museum roused him from his sleep.
It did, but he was still free. I LOVE having a 2-year-old. They are old enough to have fun but young enough to do most everything for free. First Angie helped him dig up dinosaur eggs:
Then he flexed for us in front of this weird dinosaur we found in the basement (this place was pretty strange, actually.)
His favorite part of the museum was the hot air balloon that would go up and down. My favorite part was the air-cannon that Topher is standing near.
It was colorful, if nothing else. Most of the exhibits were over his head (literally and figuratively--get a step stool, museum!) but I think he had fun running wild for awhile.
That night Angie and I went to Ikea while the boys stayed home. I didn't take any pictures there. I was too mesmerized by the whole experience. It was a fantastic weekend. Angie & Mat, your home is absolutely gorgeous and we felt so happy and welcome there. Thanks for putting up with our toddler and for all the delicious food. We are so lucky to have friends as wonderful as you. And Topher, thanks for being a total rockstar in the car. It took a few suckers, a few videos, and a couple naps, but he handled the 5-hour trip (each way!) like a total champ. We are SO proud of him. He also stole my yellow hat for the ride home, but personally I think it looks better on him anyway.


  1. what a fun trip! i love visiting friends, especially the kind that feed you yummy food. :)

  2. p.s. did you get anything cool from IKEA? i LOVE that place!

  3. I got toddler plates, cups, and bowls. I stopped there because I knew once I bought one thing for Topher's room it would just snowball. Bedding would need curtains which would beg for a tiny table and chairs and car rug and an art easel...I need to save up so I can get it all at once. Clearly the kids stuff was my greatest weakness there. :)

  4. I'm so glad you got to experience IKEA (was this your first time?) I'm completely obsessed with that place and now you will be able to notice that literally EVERYTHING in my house is from there. I wish they would build one in Des Moines...

    SO glad your weekend went well! We missed you guys.

  5. the hot air balloon totally reminded me of metro north mall :) good days! looks like a fun trip. I love Chicago!

  6. Yes it WAS my first time, I was a total Ikea virgin. It was so exciting. :) And Katie I'm glad you said that because I kept thinking, Topher, I know a mall that would blow your mind. Haha are the balloons still there? Is that mall still open? (I apparently don't get home enough).

  7. Beautiful and cute as well as funny and amazing thanks for sharing