Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Omaha Sort of Birthday

My amazing husband totally surprised me for my birthday with a weekend in Omaha. On Friday we spent many hours at the zoo, ate Italian food, and went shopping. The weather was cool and drizzly but it didn't matter much because we had only ourselves to worry about and nearly everything we did was indoors. Several times I would find myself thinking, Topher would love this exhibit! But just as often I would think, This trip would have been totally impossible with a toddler! Luckily, Topher was having his own fun on the farm with TJ's parents so we could relax and enjoy a little bit of adult-only time.
Saturday morning we had the chance to go to the Winters Quarters temple and do some genealogy work for TJ's family line. (That was by far my most favorite part of the weekend, it was so special and peaceful and beautiful.) After that, it was on to the Cheesecake Factory where we stuffed ourselves with goodness. It was the perfect weekend. And I had no idea that any of it was coming. As much as I kept hounding TJ for clues about what was happening on my birthday weekend, he wouldn't even give me a clue. (Not even when I reminded him that I'm not good with surprises and that too much shock could most certainly send me into heart failure. He's harsh that way.)

As always, spending the night on the farm wore Topher out. All those tractors and dogs and wagon rides and fresh air really exhaust my little man.

Sunday my sister Aimee had me over for some brownies. She said she didn't have much of a plan when she started decorating, and apologized for my dessert that proclaimed I was turning 208 years old.

I have to say, 28 feels a lot like 27. It was a great year, though, and my birthday marked our one-year anniversary of moving to Ankeny and being free of flood worries. We've found that we love this city a lot and may be here longer than we originally planned. I feel extremely lucky to be happy and healthy and to have an amazing family. Especially a husband who would go to all that trouble to make my birthday so special. Thanks for everything baby, you and Tophie mean the world to me!

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  1. so glad you had a great birthday! you deserved it! :)