Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Momma Fix the Poopoos

We've entered the world of sentences, and this morning when Topher told me he had a "poopoos" I said I would fix it and he responded, "Momma fix the poopoos." Even though we were talking about poop, I don't think I could have been any more proud of my baby for putting all those words together. And when he was all cleaned up I said "All done" and he responded, "Thank you!" before going back to his toy cars. This Momma almost cried, I tell you. I had a conversation with my baby boy. Yesterday was our first day of nannying Alex, too. The boys did as well as I could have expected for such a big transition and for such a long day. There was a little jealousy over toys and one unfortunate head-on collision, but overall it wasn't bad! The highlight of the day is when I got them both to take their naps at the same time. I felt like some sort of mad genius and I kept waiting for a shower of confetti to rain down upon me. Topher even got upset when Alex had to go home and kept saying, "Baby back." (Which, in hindsight could have either meant that he wanted Alex to come back or that he was hankering for some Chili's. You never know.) The windows are open this morning and the crisp air reminds me of football game days. Topher has already taken an interest in football (well, any sport with a ball) and LOVES to tackle his daddy. You have to be careful, though, because if you don't brace yourself he can knock you right over! He's always a little gentler with mommy, though. I'm the one who fixes the poopoos, after all. --KC

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  1. that part about confetti raining down on you cracked me up. and it's so true, i've totally had that feeling before. like,'s really going the way it's supposed to?? hooray!!!!!!!

    I'm glad your first day of nannying went good, hope the rest are just as great! :)