Sunday, September 5, 2010

How much can you eat??

Now that Topher is using food rather than milk to fill his belly, we are realizing just how much he can eat. He asks for us to set up his high chair for breakfast, first lunch, second lunch, first dinner, second dinner, and dessert. And at each sitting, he will easily sit and munch for 30+ minutes at a time! Here's a picture of him last night enjoying dinner #2.

Note that his tray has chicken, apples, fries, and hot dogs as well as juice and water. This doesn't even show that he usually goes through 2-3 pudding cups a day, or that he can eat string cheese, crackers, bacon, and sandwich meat like a champion. He is definitely a running back in training and we fully expect him to be a fighting tiger in the year 2026! (I'm totally kidding, he can play wherever he wants, but football season HAS officially started--congrats on the win Mizzou!)


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