Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy September

This is my favorite month of the entire year. Yes, it's my birthday month but it's also the first month that starts feeling like fall, the month when students get situated in their classes and step into the routine of school again, the month when sneakers and jeans and jackets come out of hiding, the month when the fever of summer finally breaks. Next month our son will be TWO years old, so I am trying to capture as many moments with him as possible because he is talking more than ever and developing a fireball of a personality. Here is a video from yesterday afternoon, when Topher reminded me that occasionally the word "no" can hit your funny bone. In this case he wanted to see my keys but I was afraid that he would push that enticing red button on the keychain that sets off the car alarm. We have to pick our battles around here, but sometimes the battles surprise us and fight back with laughter.

Happy September to everyone.


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