Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventures in Nanny Land

Today wraps up our second week of entering Nanny Land, and things are starting to fall into a groove. Topher talks about Alex a lot, and Alex apparently talks a lot about Topher when he's at home. Alex always takes a nap at 12:30pm, and Topher usually goes down about a half hour later. Alex will then wake up about 2pm, and Topher 30-45 minutes later than that. (If you've done your calculations, you can see that this leaves me one full quiet hour which I wisely spend recharging and blogging so that you, dear reader, can remain informed. You're welcome.) A typical day will involve some bed-wrestling. Topher likes to climb into the twin bed that Alex uses and "pretend" like he's sleeping, but of course being a little boy he can't hold still for more than 5 seconds so he'll start kicking and squirming and that leads to a toddler wrestling match. Step 1: Pretend to be sweet and act like I'm going to sleep nicely. Step 2: Fake-out! Pop up and commence poking at Alex's foot. Step 3: Total domination.
Step 4: Come on, Alex, come play with me! Step 5: Revert back to Step 1.
Of course, sometimes enough contact is enough, and the boys just want to do their own things.
Strike that. They are boys. Revert to Step 3.
What a peaceful day watching the neighbor's stationary truck together and discussing trucks in toddler-language (this is a foreign tongue that only mommies can interpret.)
Nanny Land isn't a bad spot to have landed in. Alex is a good kid and is pretty quick to listen and obey. It's fun to watch the boys find a play-mate in each other, even if it means I'm more referee than nanny most of the time. Doesn't really matter; turns out I'm not half bad at either one.
I call the following Nanny-cam video Be Gentle You Rough Boys:
Plus being a nanny makes me realize that my days alone with Topher are Easy Street all the way. What have I been complaining about all this time, anyway? :)
(Side note to grandparents: this post is not meant to imply in any way that we may be ready for more kids. Sorry for any confusion.)

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  1. Macie I totally found your blog! Yay! It looks like the boys get along pretty well (right?). Since you are doing so well with two, I'll bring my little guy over so we can have three little guys to overwhelm us!