Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An early Christmas in Kansas City

We had a great time celebrating an early Christmas with my family in KC. From my dad, Topher got a race track that he loves (and we love now that the batteries have been removed.) Regina and Justin got us an inspired gift: 2 barstools! We've been needing those since moving into the townhome and we've been putting off buying them for months now. We were SO thrilled (and Topher had a great time climbing all over the boxes.) Back at my mom's house Saturday morning, we had some unexpected visitors--some neighborhood dogs that had gotten loose! TJ brought them in after getting them off the street and we all had a great time playing with them until their owners came. They were the sweetest dogs, a Pitbull and a St. Bernard who reminded us of Sassy in every possible way. Topher was delighted to have some "bups" around.
Then it was on the pet store, where Topher discovered the fun of the bunny/guinea pig enclosures. When he gets older and chooses his first pet, we wonder if it will be one of these, though we'll probably steer him towards a rat, reptile, or budgerigar first. Still, anything that makes him smile this big would be hard to refuse.
My mom loved having Topher around, and they played and played together (and if you know my mom, you know that this is just her heaven.)
Later that night, we went out to dinner for my mom's birthday and Topher had a great time with all of his cousins.
It was hard to leave, but nice to be home and out of the car. We set up the barstools right away and agreed that they complete our kitchen area perfectly.
We had so much fun visiting with family and hope we can get back to KC soon. The long car rides continue to be a challenge, but one we can tackle from time to time. With a blizzard blowing in now, we're just happy to be in our cozy home as a family, with the knowledge that our extended families are never more than a few hours away.

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