Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Strides For Little Feet

Topher has taken his sweet time getting up on his feet and finding his balance. Today, however, we saw some first little steps, little reminders that someday he actually will be up and walking around. At nearly 14 months old, most kids have been walking for a couple months by his age. And although he is still in the completely "normal" range of learning to walk (9-17 months), we feel that this particular milestone has been slow to develop, perhaps due to having a heavier body to balance or perhaps even dating back to his premature birth (problems that are at opposite ends of the spectrum.) We have seen him stand, we have even seen a little shuffle, but this was the first time we caught genuine steps on film, and certainly the first day that he has been able to do it repeatedly, including more little steps taken both before and after this video was recorded. Topher, we continue to be so proud of you. You are almost walking, you big boy! We know these first steps are hard to take, but we will always be here to catch you when you tumble, and to squeal in delight with your every success. --KC


  1. This is so exciting! I remember when Owen (the boy i nanny) started walking, i was sooo excited (and he's not even mine). So I can imagine how proud you are of your little man. He's so lucky to have great parents like you two that are always there for him and full of praise. :) Congrat's Topher!!

    love, Tina

  2. Yea Topher! Once he gets started I am sure he won't ever stop! How exciting and an adorable video I had to watch it twice! I miss you!