Sunday, December 20, 2009

Smushed Smiles

This happened a couple weeks ago and the pictures are too funny not to share. Because our fireplace is electric, Topher can touch the simulated flames and fake logs without consequence (they never get hot, the heat blows from above the unit.) So occasionally I'll open the fireplace doors to clean the glass and Topher loves to help because he knows he's allowed to help me with that particular chore. Well, for some reason I smushed my face on the glass to make Topher laugh. Instead, he turned the tables and did me one better.
Time and time again, Topher shows us what a little ham is he growing up to be. He gets it from his dad, and his hearty laugh can be heard in our house several times a day. He might be a little goof, but he's our little goof and we love lavishing our attentions on him (all the more so when he's in a good mood).
Topher, thanks for keeping us entertained. You're a silly little guy and we love you for it.

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  1. What lovely pics! Of the 3 of you & of your pets!
    My pet is my life!
    Do drop by my blog & leave a comment.