Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Fisher Price Nativity

Last year my mom got us the most brilliant present, which was a Fisher Price nativity set. I've been looking at ornate nativity scenes for a few years now, but was never able to decide on one (well actually we DID buy one lavish set but had to return it when we opened it to find 2 shepherds and no Joseph, and it was the last one so we couldn't trade it.) But this Fisher Price take on the Christmas story is even better than some look-but-don't-touch figurines. This one Topher can actually PLAY with. And he does. His favorite thing to do is to take the pieces and fling them off the table, one by one. But at least he is able to interact with the story. And at least it's one less thing we have to stash up high from our little lovable monster. He especially loves it when he pushes the angel on the stable and it plays "Away in a Manger." He does that about a thousand times a day. Even though we love that song, TJ and I had to look up the words to the extra verses because we were sick of singing the same first verse over and over. But it's hilarious how much Topher loves music, and how he rocks out to it, even if it's a Christmas song. My memory card cut this next video short, but not before Topher did a little head-banging.
Topher also had fun helping daddy set up the Christmas tree.
Here's Topher holding his "baby's first Christmas" ornament with a picture of himself from last year. What a long year it has been, and what a different little boy we have now.
Keep checking in because Topher really really wants to walk, but he's having a little trouble finding his balance. He stands up several times a day on his own, but has yet to attempt that big First Step. We can only imagine what kind of trouble he's going to find and messes he's going to create once he can walk. We do know one thing: he's going to be fast and he's going to be tireless. Mom, thanks again for the unbreakable nativity set. We're going to need it.

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  1. this is so cute KC! That nativity set is sooo incredibly smart, and it's such a good learning toy for christmas time. I love his little could you not eat him up! He's becoming such a big boy! I bet he'll be walking before Christmas!

    p.s. hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving!