Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow and Cheesecake

Saturdays are sacred around here. We love them. We wait for them all week long, and then we relish them all day. We try never to schedule too much (or anything for that matter) on Saturdays, and we love just seeing where the days will take us. They seem to last longer that way. We woke up to a surprise this morning: snow. It's October 10th, and it was snowing. Can you believe that?? Looking down at our driveway Looking across the street at the snow collecting on the rooftops Well, this inspired us to go buy Topher a new winter coat, but we couldn't find one we liked in the right size (he's fine for now, we just layer him up good, and he seems to like the colder weather, which is surprising for a baby who would live his life naked if he could.) Another first today: facing his car seat forward. Guess what? He seemed a lot less fussy. He even dozed off watching the traffic ahead! (Our car rides usually consist of me sitting in the back seat beside him, expending all my energy on being silly so that he won't have a fit. It's exhausting.) We hope this helps him become a better traveler. Such a big boy! Where were we headed? To the Cheesecake Factory. We've been meaning to go have a celebration dinner for moving into the new house for ages now, and we finally got around to it. We love that restaurant. They asked us if we would like a complimentary infant plate and we said sure. Out came a perfectly sliced banana flanked by two varieties of bread. It was adorable. Topher looked it over and dug right into the bread. What other restaurant would do that, and with such presentation?? Is this all for me? Good thing I only ordered the lunch portion. Well then it was time to go back home (Topher dozed off AGAIN in the car!) and resume our lazy Saturday. Topher decided to use my pudding cup and create a "pudding painting" on the coffee table. It might have been a work of art, but Sassy was apparently unimpressed.
How does it look?
Later, Topher was destroying towers faster than TJ could build them. I love watching the two of them together. TJ is such a good daddy, and Topher has the greatest laugh I've ever heard.
Another lovely, let's-go-where-the-wind-takes-us sort of Saturday. The snow was an October surprise, our cheesecakes were enormous, and we are now warm and happy (and pleasantly stuffed full of decadent calories) in our townhome. Perfect.

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  1. I don't think there is any kid alive who doesn't like facing forward rather than backward. Even good travelers get happier! Sounds like you've got way more easy sailing ahead of you.

    luvs, aby