Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Retirement!

TJ's dad, Terry, has retired from John Deere after 30 years! A couple weeks ago we went to his "farewell party" at work and Topher wiggled into his John Deere shirt for the occasion. It was a very tight fit because he got the shirt for Easter and it was sized 6 months. He's wearing 18-24 month shirts now, so we were lucky to get it on him. Fortunately, it was a big hit and everyone loved it. Topher was very proud of his grandpa and cooperated well for a family photo. Then last weekend, Terry and Kathy had a huge retirement party at their house. The shed was all dressed up and looked great. There was a great turnout, despite some colder weather. Topher had to be all bundled up, but he enjoyed the impromptu play group of kids his age. He spent most of the afternoon in his stroller, making the rounds and showing off his gorgeous little self. Happy retirement, Grandpa! Bye bye, John Deere! --KC

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