Monday, October 19, 2009

Night Eyes at the Zoo

It was a fun, busy weekend. My sister Regina came to visit with her husband Justin and their girls Audree (6) and Juliette (2). Bless their hearts for not caring that we don't have an actual guest room for them. They camped out in the living room like champs, and the girls were delighted to be in a house with animals. Topher was able to get a small dose of life with siblings, but we feel pretty positive that one child is still the right number for us. :) Topher playing makeup with Audree and Juliette Is there any resemblance between Topher and Juliette?? A rare picture of Juliette with her eyes open...such a cutie!! On Saturday we went to Night Eyes at the Des Moines Zoo, which is where you go trick-or-treating at the zoo. I thought it was a great activity for the kids. There weren't a lot of animals out, but we were able to see a few up close and it was a lot of fun. Topher and daddy about to go into the zoo Topher and mommy all bundled up for a gray day Regina, Justin, Juliette (in hiding) and a beautiful little cowgirl named Audree TJ and Topher petting the goats My worst nightmare...I was trying not to hurl while taking this picture :) Lions up close More sleepy lions Family photo #1 Family photo #2 Topher enjoying his spoils (we didn't actually give him candy, he just chewed on the wrapper) We also made it to the Cheesecake Factory (I would HIGHLY recommend the Godiva variety) and the mall where the kids played in the playground.
Topher was a busy boy, climbing on the caterpillar and all over
It was a great, great weekend and we didn't have to say goodbye for long because we'll be heading to Kansas City this next weekend for Topher's birthday. I cannot believe that Topher will be a year old in only FIVE days. I'm so proud of him. He did a great job all weekend, no matter where we took him, never throwing a fit and falling asleep every time he got in the car. I love him facing forward. :) He even helped me finish up the laundry after our guests had left. Happy helper...I love that smile
Thanks to Regina and Justin for braving that long car ride with the kids. We'll be doing the same thing this weekend and then we'll be even. :) We had a great time and the house seems a little empty today.
KC and TJ

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