Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Capturing My Baby

We just have a point-and-shoot camera, but it's 8.2 mega pixels, so it's not too shabby. Even still, it's hard to capture the perfect, real-to-life picture. I capture a lot of blurry pictures of Topher (mostly because he never sits still for a moment) and a lot of unflattering-angle pictures, but every once in a while, I take that perfect picture that captures Topher exactly as I see him now. These are the pictures that are going to make my heart ache once Topher gets big and turns into a little boy, I just know it. When I look down at my little boy, this is exactly what I see. He's always climbing all over my legs, tugging at my shirt, and giving me that beautiful, wide-open stare. We don't know if he's in another growth spurt (I think his entire life has been a growth spurt) but he's back to waking up several times at night to eat. We hope that once we get him into his new house, we can establish a new routine at night that will help him sleep better. We're also going to train Sassy to sleep in his room and watch over him. Maybe her breathing/snoring will be a comforting sound for him. But we're sure all this waking up is just a phase that will pass. For now, we'll just keep chasing down that gorgeous face and trying to capture every detail of it. --KC

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