Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wave at Daddy!

Guess who learned how to wave last night? Every morning I sit Topher in the window and I wave his hand at daddy, but last night, we were just sitting there and Topher started waving all by himself. We'd wave at him and he would wave right back. It was sooo adorable. He also showed signs of pulling himself up yesterday for the first time. He was crawling all over his high chair (which we have to lay flat now because he lifted up one side of it the other day and then let it fall back down on himself. He was fine, but he got a little mark on his head and we realized that he's getting strong!) And if I help him up just a little he can stand (a bit unsteadily) using the coffee table. We can tell he's right on the cusp of some big changes. He'll be walking before we know it. Thank goodness our new house has a lot more carpet than this place because it will hurt a lot less when he falls. Only 2 weeks from today we'll be rid of this house forever! Wave bye-bye, Topher. --KC

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