Monday, August 10, 2009


We negotiated back and forth all morning for that townhome, and we got it! We even stuck to our goal and got it for just under 100k, even though the sellers were already having to write a check just to get out of the place and weren't budging much at all. We are thrilled. Beyond thrilled. I can't really articulate just how stressful this whole process has been. In the past year, we have completed the rebuilding and refinishing of this house, listed this house, sold this house, found and bought a new house, and gave birth to/raised a very energetic boy. We've hit our maximum stress limit a number of times, and yet...look how well everything is turning out. Finding a new house makes me so happy! There is a bigger plan out there that we can't see, I'm sure of it. When I was a teenager, someone in church compared it all to a quilt. As mortals, our view is so limited. When things are going wrong in our lives we look up at the quilt and see a jumble of threads and it all looks like a gigantic mess with no rhyme or reason. But God can see the quilt from above and all those threads are making a beautiful pattern that we can't even comprehend yet. I've always loved that imagery. We go in tonight to sign the papers, turn in our earnest money, and get the ball rolling. Today is a good day. Break out the sparkling cider. :) --KC


  1. Congrats you guys! That is great news! Jessica

  2. I love the quilt metaphor, I'll have to remember that when life gets hectic. :)

    Also, CONGRATS! This new house will be so good for your family, I can't wait for you guys to move. :)


  3. Congratulations, that is SO wonderful! We can't wait to visit!

    luvs, all of us