Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kitty Moment #1

Squash, our kitty named for her famously flat Persian face, likes baby food. Go figure. She gets to lick the containers clean after Topher has finished his meals. So yesterday I simply couldn't pass up the photo-op of capturing Squash eating...squash. Talk about being cannibalistic. Wow, she looks kind of evil in close-ups. But she's really such a sweet kitty. So our kitty moment #1 refers to the following video. I was doing laundry when Squash came and jumped into the empty laundry basket and started poking her furry foot out at Topher. He loved it.

Sorry about the little burp at the end. Topher hasn't quite gotten the hang of on-camera manners yet. He sure loves that flat-faced cat, though. Whenever he sees her during the day, he starts making a sound that is somewhere between a scream and a squeal. It's fun to watch his love of animals developing. Even though she's a little strange, we all love that kitty cat.



  1. that's so adorable! I love when kids get excited around animals. His little chuckle is pretty cute...and so was that burp, haha.

  2. Have you ever tried baby food? It's really good! Well the fruits and desserts are at least. The meats, as you probably know - are horrifying.

    luvs, aby

  3. oh yeah, i try everything before i feed it to topher and they taste just like what they say...i mean, it's just pure squash that's been pureed, so no big deal. what's funny is that the cat has never, ever shown interest in people food before. but yeah, i'm not sure how they make veggies taste so sweet when there's no sugar or anything added. i'd blend up my own but it's just as cheap (and easier) to buy it already done. anyway, i just think it's funny that a cat who will ignore a piece of chicken will attack pureed veggies.