Saturday, July 4, 2009

Camping With the Kiddo

Topher has officially survived his first camping trip, and he did great! I think of it more as "comfort camping" because there are amenities at this camp can walk down to the shower house and have hot water and flushable toilets, so we're not completely roughing it and digging trenches in the ground. We did stay in a tent, though. (But again, it felt like cheating--in a good way--because it was right next to TJ's parent's 5th wheel, which is like a house on wheels. Essentially we had access to electricity, running water, a couch and recliner, and a refrigerator. It's the only way to camp.)
Our tent
A view inside our tent (with Topher napping)
Our tent next to Terry & Kathy's 5th wheel Topher had fun visiting with family members, rolling around on the ground, taking walks, swinging on the playground, watching the campfire, and taking a bath in the 5th wheel's shower.
Grandma (Kathy), Topher, and Daddy
Topher playing on the ground on a sleeping bag
Swinging on the baby swing...careful, the straps are missing!
Mommy giving Topher a bath in the 5th wheel
Sitting around the campfire with Daddy Traditions are unbreakable in this family, and aunt Julie and uncle Chuck did not disappoint. Like every year, they turned their SUV into an air-conditioned tent. With the seats folded down, there's just enough room for an air mattress in the back.
Chuck & Julie's car, modified And, like every 4th of July we have ever experienced at this Ewalu, IA campground, it rained all night. Topher went to bed late (around 11pm) and slept beside our air mattress in his pack 'n play. He woke up at 4am, cold and hungry. After feeding him and one failed attempt at putting him back in the playpen, we let him come to bed with us. And he slept between us until 7am, when he woke up for the day (and TJ and I both had an arm we couldn't feel anymore). Also, in true camping fashion, our air mattress had lost some air and our tent was leaking rainwater towards the foot of the bed but luckily the damage was minimal. It was a rainy morning full of flies, and after a couple hours of being awake, Topher took a three hour nap in the 5th wheel. When he woke up, it was time for us to hit the road for the 3-hour trip home.
Rainy 4th of July morning
Still a happy boy
All in all, we were extremely proud of Topher. We couldn't believe he could sleep through that noisy rain rat-a-tat-tatting on the tarp of the tent but he did alright. I think we seriously wore our little kiddo out because not only did he take that 3-hour nap, but he took another nap on the way home, and ANOTHER one once we got home after taking his bath and helping mommy unpack the suitcases. It was a fun weekend, but I have to admit that we are very excited to sleep in our own solid bed (and crib) tonight.
Topher, helping Mommy unpack
Happy first 4th of July, Topher!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you had a wonderful camping trip with Topher! It looks like he had a blast. That's so cool you guys do stuff like that with him and aren't afraid to try new things. That will make him a more well rounded kid. :) You guys are such good parents, and Topher looks so happy in all of these pictures...I love the one of him napping in the tent...sooo cute. :)
    Glad you had a great 4th!


  2. We're going camping as a family for the FIRST time ever on Thursday. I just hope we survive. I'll be thinking about that AC I'm sure and wishing we had one!!

    luvs, aby