Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scooting Along

It's amazing how far this child can travel. His technique involves flipping over onto his back, arching his back up off the floor and leaning his head back, then shoving off with his feet. Essentially, he ends up scooting along blindly backwards with only his head and heels contacting the ground. It looks like a lot of work to me. Lately, he's also been adding some serious grunts to his movements. here's a short video of him scooting along: He's also often flipping back over to his stomach, I guess to check and see if he has miraculously learned how to crawl. When he realizes he's not going anywhere, he'll flip back over onto his back and continue on. In this next short video, he's trying to get to the cat, even though she's up on the kitchen table. He's always trying to find his way to the cat. He's practically obsessed with her. And when scooting becomes too much work, he can always hop on the Tonka and cruise in style for awhile: One way or another, this kid is going to figure out how to get around. --KC


  1. Can you imagine doing that as an adult? It would HURT! It amazes me what stuff kids and babies can do and they don't seem bothered at all.
    That's a new way of movin' that I haven't seen, he is totally motivated!

    luvs, aby

  2. I KNOW! It looks like a lot of uncomfortable work to me, but he's unstoppable. I keep trying to show him that crawling would be more effective (at least that way he could see where he was going) but he seems perfectly fine with the move he invented. :)

  3. I remember him getting that Tonka truck at your baby shower. Can you believe how the time has flown? That seems like forever ago! Now look at him!