Friday, August 30, 2013

He's a-MAZE-ing

My child loves mazes.

He likes to solve them, but what he really loves is to create them.

And he's good.

Normally he uses the Magna-doodle (always carefully avoiding the section of the screen on the left-hand side that is "ruined").

But tonight he saw my post-its as a temptation he could not resist.

Time and again he would draw me a maze and then laugh whenever I would run into one of his dead-ends.  Sometimes the mazes are straight-lined, like hallways in a nonsensical building.  Other times they are more free-spirited, looking like a brain section with narrow, circular passageways.  Then he will throw in some "temple run" mazes that have gaps you must jump over and lava to avoid.

And as I run my pencil through each maze, all I can think is, wow.  This little person has such a complex mind.  This little person can generate elaborate, insightful ideas.  This little person is not as little as he used to be, and he will never be this little again.

Of all the spirits waiting to come to earth, Heavenly Father sent this one to me.  Specifically to me.  Not by accident or through a random drawing.  He looked down here and said, "I found a mommy just for you.  You will need her and she will need you.  But mostly she will need you."

Topher, I am so proud of you.  I love your compassionate spirit and your subtle complexities.

Sometimes I want to shrink down with you until we are the size of fleas.  We could live in a world full of your mazes and wander around forever.  Whenever we hit a dead end, we could just snuggle for awhile and worry about finding our way out later.

I know later will come.  I know you will grow bigger and that you will forge your own life, and I will be so proud of you as you do that, too.  

But just for right now, here's another stack of post-its.  And I promise I will wind my way through every maze you pen.


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