Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow Under the Sun

I want to climb the mountain, mommy!

I'll be right behind you if you should slip.

I made a no-ball, mommy.

You're so beautiful, Topher.

I made tracks with my boots, mommy.

You're getting so big, why are you getting so big?

I need to throw no-balls at the bad guys, mommy.

My gosh, I don't know if the sun is shining or if it's your gray eyes that are blinding me.

I need another no-ball, mommy.

The snow looks like sugar in your palm.

Let's play some more, mommy.

Someday you are going to fly.

I got your coat, mommy, with my no-ball.

No, you got me much deeper than that.



  1. There are simple days like this that you will never ever forget. I have one that was on our deck. The sun shone just right that day. The three littles (I had just three then) were blowing bubbles. Nothing special at all happened. But it will always be a strong memory.

    luvs, aby

    PS - Did you make the yellow hat, it's perfect.

  2. Oh...I want to make no balls with Topher! Please tell him how much I love the pictures he took. Now will he take some pictures of some of his marbles for me? Love you all mar

  3. so cute lil' boy! nice site, love it!