Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Brand New Year

Christmas has come and gone.  It wasn't quite the week we had planned on as various illnesses worked their way through our family, but it was a long and (mostly) relaxing week.  Even with a trip to KC followed by a trip to Minneapolis.   

I don't know why January 1st feels so different from December 31st.  But there's this feeling at the start of every year that maybe everything will just fall into place and that the year will be a beautiful one.  I do know that this year we will pay off TJ's grad school loan (more on that later), we'll start saving for a down payment on a house, and we'll become the parents of a four-year-old.  Other than that, the possibilities are endless.

Christmas morning 2011, messy hair and all:

If last year was my year of knitting, this year I think I'll delve into the art of sewing.  As I was working on an apron this morning Topher sat in my lap and helped me feed the material through the sewing machine.  He said it sounded like a tractor. 

My other resolutions include being more patient (my ultimate downfall), more thifty (is that even possible?!), and more positive.

Christmas morning 2011, leaving for church.  Topher has discovered how to make funny faces at the camera instead of smiling.  He thinks he is hilarious:

I know what I am hoping this year to be but I also know that we are often blessed with alternate plans, so the key is to have a little faith.  Here's hoping that this year is a wonderful one.  Happy New Years!


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  1. Happy New Year! Sorry I've been a slacker on checking blogs the past few months...I'm resolving to be better. I miss seeing what you guys are up to!