Friday, May 20, 2011


Dear Topher, Yesterday was a good day. It was cloudy but not too cold, windy but not to distraction. As soon as you woke up from your nap you were asking to go outside, so outside we went. For awhile you insisted on pushing the stroller. Then, after about a block, you decided you would rather ride. We walked to a spot where we could look out over the busy road. As the cars drove by, I tried to name their colors before they were gone again. You laughed. Every time you spotted a truck, you would point and say, "truck!" as though it was the first one you had ever laid eyes on. You ran down the hill as fast as you could without tripping and into my arms where you would get scooped up and twirled around. You wanted to do it again and again. Every time your body weight would slam into me I felt whole. We walked down to the little pond. There were no ducks, but we had several sword-fights with long blades of grass. You beat me every time. I taught you how to say, "En guarde!" Nothing really happened yesterday. Not really. But I couldn't stop staring at you, at your little rows of sharp white teeth whenever you smiled. I stared at that freckle right at the corner of your eye. I stared at you whenever you would zoom off with your bouncy little run. I stared at your ears and how they angle out just so. I stared at your profile. I couldn't help it. I still can't believe you're mine.
I'm so glad I get to stay home with you and have all these "uneventful" days. Turns out that they are the ones that make up the majority of our lives.
I love everything about you.
Love, mommy

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  1. This is about the sweetest thing I have ever read. I love it. And I think you need to have another one now so you will have TWICE as many things to love.