Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Five Weeks of Waterbabies

For the last five Tuesdays, TJ has taken Topher to the YMCA for his Waterbabies class. It was daddy/son time and I would just hear about it afterwards. Since Topher has never had a positive experience with a large body of water, we wanted to try and get him ready for some summer fun at the pool. The first two weeks weren't pretty. Topher cried the whole time. We missed week three due to a cold, but then last week it went really well. Meaning he did not cry as much. So this week, for his last class, I snuck in to the stands to watch my little water baby. As soon as Topher got in the water, he started crying and I heard someone in the stands say, "That's the one that cries." Great. Anyway, as soon as the the shock of the cold water wore off, Topher relaxed considerably and really didn't cry much at all. I literally had to crouch behind a woman to hide from Topher (I explained that I wasn't trying to be creepy but that I was hiding from my son and she was very accommodating). I then had to hold my camera out to the side of her head, and zoom all the way in order to get these shots. Look what I captured here: a SMILE!!!!
I'm so proud of Topher for being brave, even when the water wasn't warm. I'm also extremely glad that TJ has infinite patience with him. Let the summer begin!
Or at least bring on the heated pools.

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  1. He is so cute! I can't imagine Topher crying in the pool, seriously, all I can picture is a happy little Topher playing around like I always see him.