Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The best part of cookies

It's been awhile! Last Friday we went to Wiggle Bug class again. It did not go as well as the first time. Topher woke up at 5am that morning, and by his 9am class he was already exhausted, which resulted in a 45-min tantrum to the horror of myself and the other mothers there. It was most unpleasant. He paused in his kicking and screaming long enough to go around the obstacle course a few times and then long enough to jump on the big trampoline (the one set into the floor that the bigger kids usually use). But other than that he was out of control, and I drove home in humiliated tears. Please be kind and tell me this happens to everyone. Even if it doesn't. Luckily, after a long nap, he was a lot happier and we drove to KC (to see my niece be baptized) in utter style. Topher had SO MUCH FUN with his cousins. I kid you not, he would disappear for hours at a time, lost in the giggling throng of cousins. It was amazing. This week is turning out to be a beautiful one. The sun is out, the weather is warming up, and we were even able to open the windows today. And with the crisp, fresh air blowing gently around the house, it just felt like the perfect day to bake chocolate chip cookies. Topher LOVES to help me cook and bake. But he is two and messes ensue. When things get too messy, the batter-covered shirt must be removed. Last week, Topher started randomly giving thumbs-ups. We don't know where he learned it, but the cookies got 2 thumbs up.
These are going to be good, I can tell!
And they were.
The best part of cookies? Hearing Topher say "more cookies" with his mouth completely full and crumbles spewing out at me.


  1. You are NOT the only one! The other day Nic was having issues over wanting to leave, then wanting to stay at the Y. We had to drop Ella off at school, and so I ended up leaving him in between the front doors so he didn't disrupt the entire school. Our Doctor also told me that if he wasn't pitching the occasional long tantrum then there was cause to be concerned.

  2. We loved seeing you! Thanks again for coming. I am envying your beautiful cookie-baking day. I'm hoping I get one of those soon. Topher looks great in the glasses.