Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Paradise

We found it, right here in Ankeny...Pumpkin Paradise, that mystical place so many search for and so few actually find.
Actually it's just an adorable little pumpkin farm, but we had a blast picking pumpkins, petting farm animals, and--as always--chasing Topher around.
Just for kicks, here is a picture from the last time we went to a pumpkin farm two years ago. We were in Illinois visiting our good friends Mat & Angie and we had no idea that Topher would be in our arms less than a month later. All we knew that day was that it appeared I was trying to smuggle a pumpkin out of that farm for free.
Here are a few of the lucky pumpkins and gourds that got to come home with us on Saturday:
Happy pumpkin season! (And Topher, you're still my most favorite pumpkin of all!)

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  1. Looks so fun! I'm bummed we missed it (well, I missed it. Nate and E still went). What is "The Box?" Looks intimidating...