Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday, Round One

For Round One of Topher's birthday we headed to KC last weekend. We thought it would be easier for all my siblings that way since they have more kids and don't make it to Iowa very often. First we took Topher to Crown Center's train-themed restaurant called Fritz's. There are trains that drive along the border of the ceiling and when your food is ready the train will drop off its "cargo" at your table. A pneumatic lift lowers the box containing your food order down to table level. It's very fun. And when my mom whipped out a cupcake for Topher, I think he was just in trains-and-sugar heaven.
We were lucky because both of my brothers joined us with their families, which meant that Topher had SEVEN cousins there to celebrate with him. Pictured here with Topher from left, clockwise: Mar-Mar (my mom), Capri, Anders, Rome, Topher, Ammon, and Sable. Cousin Aubrey and cousin Oz were both out of the shot.
Then we took the Sky-walk over to Union Station. I love Kansas City. It will always be home to me.
When the Sky-walk was closed for renovation just before Union Station, we hauled down to street level and got there the old-fashioned way. Please note my undying loyalty to my home team displayed here.
The next day we went to Olathe, KS where my sister and dad live. My dad made Topher a cake and he enjoyed it most thoroughly.
It was a WONDERFUL weekend that, as always, went way too fast. But I had to get back to Iowa because Topher's birthday party was not going to come together on its own...
Stay tuned, this one is going to be good.


  1. Yay for Kansas City! Fritz is the perfect place for a train lover to go for his 2nd birthday! Topher is a very loved little boy. :)


    p.s. Go Royals!!! :)

  2. p.p.s that last picture of Topher stuffing his face with cake is HILARIOUS. I can't wait to see more!