Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Yesterday a three great things happened. First of all, it was my second Mother's day and my heart was very full because I am so grateful to be raising Topher. I'm grateful that I am able to stay home with him and for all the kisses he gives me and for all the times a day he makes me laugh. I'm thankful that he gave my life a new dimension and that he transformed me--ready or not--into a mommy. And just in case my heart wasn't full enough yesterday, the second thing that happened was that TJ spoke in church for the first time. His words were funny and heartfelt and I was so proud to be his wife I could have burst. I am so in love with him. The third thing that happened was that Topher went into the nursery for the first time at church. Kids are able to go to nursery when they turn 18 months old, but we were out-of-town last weekend so this was his first opportunity. I wasn't able to be there because I have a class of my own to teach, but TJ went with him and took lots of pictures and videos for me. Topher did great, from snack time to singing time to play time. He even brought home a colored picture that is now proudly displayed on my fridge. (This officially makes me a mom, by the way, and every time I see that picture I just think it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen.) He even remembered the lesson that I've been working hard to instill in him all week. It goes something like this: Me: Topher, do we ever push a baby? Topher: Nono da baby. I was happy to learn that he played well and left Brynlee unscathed for once. From his videos, it seems to me that he was just kind of in awe the whole time, watching the other kids and trying to figure it all out. But it kept his attention and he came home tired enough for a nap, so I couldn't be any happier. Here are a couple snippets from my baby's first day as a "big boy" (his friend Brynlee is the cutie patootie in the ruffly pink dress.)

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's day. --KC


  1. I'm glad you had such a special Mama's day, love you!

    luvs, aby

  2. He is going to do wonderfully....that is pretty amazing for his first time....and even when someone else pushed him down he didn't cry! I love the way he studies all the other children and whatever is going on! Love from his Marmar!

  3. I know mom, we were really proud of him too and I'm sure the socialization will be great for him. He just seems to be so well-adjusted in new situations. Oh and Aby, hope you had a great mother's day as well. We miss your blogs!! :)