Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't go, Brynlee!

Topher's friend Brynlee is moving away tomorrow, so he's been spending some extra time with her this week. After his big apology, Topher kept his promise to try and be nicer, and they've been playing together like little angels ever since. Yesterday, Brynlee was able to spend several hours over here, and Topher showed her the ropes. First he showed her how to go down the slide. She caught on right away.
Then Topher took her upstairs to his room (leave the door open, little mister!) and showed her all his toys.
They bounced on the bed together.
They saved money together.
And they took turns beautifully. First Brynlee pushed Topher in the Tonka truck.
Then Topher pushed Brynlee, amid many giggles.
Topher showed Brynlee how to work the flashlight...
and then he showed her how to move the light all over the ceiling.
Brynlee is an animal lover, and Sassy returned her affection without hesitation.
Finally, it was snack time and Topher (who won't touch fruit normally) delighted in feeding Brynlee her orange slices.
Oh little miss Brynlee, we're going to miss you. We hope you have a good move and that you come back and visit us sometime in the future.
If, that is, you can pry Topher's fingers off your shirt. He doesn't want you to go!


  1. aww, that's so sad she's moving away, they seem like really good friends already! I love all of these pics you took, especially the one with Brinley and Sassy. how cute is that?!

  2. haha, I know, I had to tell her to kiss Sassy several times so I could capture that, but she was so excited to do it! :) I already approved her as Topher's future wife, lol.

  3. Thanks for everything you did for us the last few days we were there. You have no idea how much it meant to us. Brynlee definitely enjoyed her time there and tells everyone about Topher...over and over again.
    The Days