Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Two Can Mix-up

My son is a genius. I'm pretty sure about that. He loves to help me cook, and while I was making soup the other night, I let him play with a couple cans of cream of chicken soup. He likes to stack them up and knock them over, that kind of thing. When I was ready for the cans of soup to add to my soup recipe, I asked him to bring me the "two cans." (We LOVE that we can give him simple directions now and that he can follow through with them, it's so exciting.) I saw him looking around the living room, trying to process what I was asking him to do. Then he suddenly understood. He ran over to his jungle gym, tore off a stuffed animal, and brought it over to me just like I asked. It was a toucan. --KC


  1. He IS a genuis! That is the cutest thing! And thank you Karen for being such a dedicated mom to Topher...I promise you you'll never regret it! Love you

  2. oh my gosh! that cracked me up! what a smart boy!