Friday, March 19, 2010

Sawgrass Park

There's a nice park about a half mile from our house that has a lake, a playground, and lots of open spaces. Yesterday was warm and sunny, so I took Topher there so he could run free for awhile. I wish I could do everything the big kids can do. Look at me go! (And it doesn't hurt when I fall down.) Catch me if you can, mommy! Just strolling through the park.
I can go really far...really fast!
Look at those geese! Can I swim with them?
I love running around on the dock.
So many new things to see and touch.
Later, when TJ got home from work we decided to go back to the Park with Sassy. We forced Topher to put on his new shoes (he hates them, but he tolerated it when we told him he had to wear them if he wanted to go to the park.) The problem is, he falls down a lot more when he wears them.
I can't stay on my feet, daddy!
My perfect little family.
We knew we had to get out as much as possible yesterday because the cold weather is rolling back in this weekend. Topher had a lot of fun running wild, but time and again he would go straight for the most dangerous parts of the park (the concrete step down into the play area, the concrete steps leading down to the dock, the storm drain, other people's dogs, etc.) And even though it's truly exhausting to chase him around and keep him safe (and get him to leave), it's worth it to see how happy he is when he is able to be so free.
I have to admit that I was secretly amused when I got home from the park and had to peel off Topher's muddy shoes and socks, wash his knee-stained pants, and scrub his dirty fingers clean. This is what having a little boy is all about, and I'm all about it.


  1. Topher is so adorable!! He is walking so well now and looking all grown up.

  2. Thanks Katie! He's getting bigger, I know! We need to come see you before he goes off to college. :)

  3. I am hoping for my own summer trip to see you guys. I am free after June 2nd! I was going to be in KC June 5th and 6th maybe after that weekend??