Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here we go to Bass Pro!

Another Saturday, another adventure. Today we decided to take Topher to the Bass Pro in Altoona. It wasn't like the world-famous one in Springfield, MO, but it was still pretty impressive. There's a massive aquarium with a real waterfall and TONS of animal displays. Topher saw buffaloes (bups), deer (bups), lynx (dat!), bobcats (dats), raccoons (bups), moose (bups), and a grizzly bear (bup!), along with countless other critters.
On our way to have an adventure!
So much to see when you first walk in
The big waterfall at the far end of the building
More animal displays
A herd of buffalo roaming over our heads
Some muddy wild boars
Standing by the Alaskan brown bear
Topher is loving this
Our fearless boy petting the big "bup"
It was a fun Saturday activity for the family. Topher is definitely becoming more independent and mobile in stores, though, wanting down and then pushing the cart or grabbing things off of shelves or just running away. I love it. It's crazy and he throws a fit if you take something away from him, but this is what we always wanted--a little boy. Here's a video of him pushing our cart:

And another one of him watching all the enormous fish:

Even though I love looking at animals up close this way, I'm so glad I'm not married to a hunter (well, I never would be but still.) I can really live my whole life very happily without guns and ammo and camouflage and traps and blinds and all that other stuff, not to mention all the carcasses. Blech. We did love the bowling alley at this Bass Pro, though. It was an elaborate under-the-sea theme, and would make a GREAT birthday party for Topher someday. Even the ball returns were shaped like huge water creatures, so it looked like a shark or an alligator was spitting out your bowling ball and the entrance sports a HUGE sunken ship hanging from the ceiling...very very cool.

Topher is sleeping off his morning adventure now, and then we'll just relax and enjoy another lazy Saturday. We live for this day, and it never disappoints.


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