Friday, March 5, 2010

From Still Life to Real Life

I've noticed lately that I have a lot less still pictures of my child and an ever increasing amount of video. I think the main reason for that is the fact that Topher never holds still. At least half of the pictures I snap are just a blurred streak of hair or hand. (Of course, that doesn't stop almost every video by ending with Topher charging at me, trying to see what I am recording. Oh well, c'est la vie.) So here are a few recent videos for the grandparents. Yesterday Topher was more interested in the cat than eating his lunch (big surprise). There was a string on the counter and the cat was in a playful mood, so we quickly went from jarred carrots to string wiggling.

Sometimes I'll watch Topher tripping over his own feet and walking backward when he really wanted to go forward and I wonder if he'll ever be coordinated. But then sometimes he'll surprise me by doing something I didn't think he could do, like taking apart and then snapping together his little Fisher Price balls. I also find it funny that he has to look inside each one and stick his baby spoon in there to make sure it is empty first.

Last but not least is Topher's latest trick: when I ask him where his eyes are, he never points to them but instead will blink at me to demonstrate that he knows how to use them. He can also find his hair, but then always needs to touch my hair as well. Isn't it fun to discover all his little oddities?

Tonight my sister and brother-in-law, Aimee and Dale, are coming over for dinner and games. It's nice that while my entire family lives in the greater Kansas City area, my sister and I both ended up in Ankeny. It was a total fluke, but I'm happy for it. Here's to a great weekend for everyone!


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