Monday, February 1, 2010

Somebody Switched Him On!

At church yesterday, Topher went from walking some of the time to walking most of the time. He was up and down those halls the whole time we were there. It's as if somebody found his "walking switch" and turned it on full blast. He may walk as though he's had one too many to drink, but I think his moments of crawling are very limited now. Here is a clip taken this morning of him walking around the living room as I was cleaning.

He is also becoming very "helpful" at household tasks. This morning he saw me unloading the dishwasher and wanted in on the action. He began to hand me one dish at a time to put away, then he handed me one piece of silverware at a time until it was all done. It took about ten times longer than usual, but it didn't matter. I was just so excited that he wanted to be helpful and that he seemed to be having fun. After that, he helped me with the laundry (pushing the basket around and then throwing the clothes out of the basket so I can fold them) and then he got really hyper when the vacuum was on. He just squealed the whole time and was walking all around the room, following me as I pushed it.

Yesterday he also had fun dressing up in a gray sweater like daddy to go to church. I have two very, very handsome boys.

It's kind of fun knowing that by the time it warms up, Topher will be able to go out in the grass and run around. It's as though he's been secretly transforming during this cold winter that has kept us indoors, and when it's time to show himself to the world again, he's going to take it by storm. I can't wait.


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  1. OK...we were on a fantasy island in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic and it was incredible...almost sureal...but tooo far away from my grandkids! I want that baby! Love Mar Mar