Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soccer and Saving

The snow continues to fall here, but we're glad to be out of the month of January which is, in my opinion, the worst month of the year. Just over the course of this week Topher has transitioned to walking almost always, crawling only out of convenience every once in a while. And now that he is up on his feet, his soccer training has commenced:

Another favorite past-time for him: dropping coins into his football-decor piggy bank, appropriately named Pigskin (yes, I name everything). By the time I took this video, he had already been playing with the bank for about 20 minutes, so he was getting a little tired.

I finished e-filing our taxes for the year, and we're going to use our refund to pay off our car (which we're very happy about, since we purchased it new only a year ago.) Aside from the weather, we're all very happy and healthy. The longer we're in this townhome, the happier we seem to be. I think we're just happy because we're living within our means, and because we no longer have to worry about flooding, and because this home is just everything we need and nothing that we don't. I would be feeling sick right about now if we still lived in the old house, worrying about the melting snow and the coming spring rains. We will never take a worry-free home for granted again.

Today we're having a play date for Topher with a little boy who is 4 1/2 months old, so we're looking forward to seeing him interact with a younger baby (just because we're curious to watch him, not because we're experimenting to see how he would be with a sibling, lol). Hope everyone is doing well and having a great weekend!


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