Friday, November 6, 2009

Clapping and Catching Up

So much happens every day and I take so many pictures, it's hard to know what to post and what to skip, so this post is a little random, just some pics and a video that were too cute to keep to myself. First, I wanted Terry and Kathy to see Topher modeling the shirt they got him for his birthday. He looks so cute in everything. Then yesterday Topher was being such a little rock star. Mat & Angie, the sunglasses still fit and Topher totally rocks them. Can't you just imagine a guitar in those little hands?? Then this morning Topher was figuring out the camera. He really gets it now. As soon as I take his picture, he'll grab the camera, turn it around, and start pointing at himself on the screen. They learn so young! We had fun taking pictures of his dog and cat, too. Is that a great smile or what??? And for his big achievement as of late: clapping. I know some other kids have been clapping for half a year already by his age, but he just got it this week and it's adorable.

Hopefully this will satisfy my mom's "Topher fix" for the day. She calls me all the time begging for more Topher. We're so lucky that so many people love this little boy of ours, but even if TJ and I were his only family in the whole world, we would never let him go a second without feeling loved. It's a tall order, being a parent, but it turns out that it's pretty great, too.


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