Friday, September 18, 2009

Our First Week

We've been here a week now, and we still love it. Compared to the bike bar down the road and frequent train whistles (all through the night!) of Cambridge, it's insanely quiet here. We never hear anything! Topher has had a busy week, going out with me every day to nearby stores and visiting my old workplace. He loves living with Sassy, and thinks it's so funny whenever she drinks her water. I've caught him several times splashing in her water bowl and trying to dunk his own face in it. He also likes the stairs and can now get up the entire staircase in about 30 seconds flat. Going down is still a problem. Today he even made a new girlfriend at church and while she was dainty and trying to hug him, he kept trying to grab her and sit on her. What a little bruiser. Luckily, she can totally hold her own, and being a month older, she can stand up and walk while he just crawls to catch up. They were soooo cute together. I didn't hear a word of Sunday School because I was laughing too hard at the two of them. :)
Topher, getting the hang of climbing the staircase:
Our neighbors Heather and Justin from Cambridge came to visit us Friday night. They say the people who bought our house "aren't us" and their daughter has a screaming fit every night at bedtime that the whole neighborhood is subjected to. Sorry, guys! We all went out to dinner for Chinese and Topher had fun eating fistfuls of rice and making an absolute mess.
Topher, at China Moon Chinese restaurant (just down the road from us!)
Our fortune cookies came with a side of dry ice...very impressive (and mystic)
Our little city-dwelling family
What else can I say? We just LOVE it here. We love this house, we love Ankeny, and we feel so much more relaxed now. TJ's just down the road from work, we have groceries and stores nearby, our neighborhood is's everything we've been hoping for. It's funny how a change of location can change your life.

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  1. This makes me happy. :) Living within walking distance to things makes a world of a difference and makes it easier to go out and about more often, which is always a plus. I'm so glad you guys are loving your new home!

    p.s. love your new haircut KC! so cute. :)