Monday, September 21, 2009

I love...

My fireplace. You can turn it on with the remote control, and you can either just have the flames (turned up or down for ambiance) or you can have flames combined with heat blowing out. I can't wait for it to get chilly enough for me to curl up by the fireplace with a good book.
My smooth-top stove. I've always heard that gas stoves are better, but I haven't noticed any difference. And it was so hard for me to keep all the nooks and crannies of the gas burners clean. Now I just wipe it off and there are no parts to take off and soak. I always want this kind of stove!!
My puppy. After living on the farm for months (where she is still loved and spoiled, don't get me wrong!), she is just loving being indoors with the humans. She seems so content here, and when I see her this relaxed, it calms me down, too.
Having 2 bathtubs. I love that Topher has his very own bathroom and bathtub. All of his supplies and toys can stay in there and he can splash around as much as he wants every night (and he does!)
But most of all, I love this family we've made. A little boy, a giant puppy, a funny cat...I can't imagine us being fulfilled without any one member. And as each day goes by, I really, really can't imagine what our life would be like without Topher. I don't want to know. He's the best thing we have ever done, ever.


  1. I LOVE that fireplace!! How wonderful, really. Wood fireplaces are such a horrible pain!

    There have been so many times that we've said how much we miss apartment living, I think a townhouse would be similar maybe. We always lived on the bottom floor and LOVED not having to worry about maintenance. Ahhhhhh. Arturo, how I'm miss him (he was the maintenace man in one of our apartments and he was AWESOME!).
    While I do love having the privacy of a house, I can totally understand and am sometimes jealous of your type of place. Especially right now as our house seems to be self destructing!

    luvs, aby

  2. What do you mean, what's going on with your house? I agree...townhome living isn't for everyone but it is for me. :) This morning guys were all over the neighborhood, mowing the "yards" and I just got to sit here and watch. :) The fireplace is the best...all electric so no gas or real flames. I miss you guys!!!!

  3. It's a million things. Water leaking, bad gutters, AWFUL flooring, bugs, bugs, bugs, crazy backyard. I was just putting more tape on the tile in our kitchen last night thinking - this is nuts! We really need new flooring - some day!!

    luvs, aby