Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Utah: Day 3

Wednesday the family activity was hiking Timber Pine Trail. Unfortunately, Topher's all-terrain stroller was too bulky to bring along, so we had to carry him the whole 1.3 miles. It was beautiful scenery, and the air was so clear and dry. TJ and I traded off holding Topher, who was a little fussy, but eventually fell asleep on me. It was a good workout. After the trail, we had more raspberry shakes and walked around "downtown" Bear Lake. It's a typical tourist town, with overpriced gifts and food, and the sun was too intense to stay out for very long.
Beautiful trail up the mountain
family photo on the bent tree
Topher, for most of the hike
He finally fell asleep! Just in time to miss the view...
Scenic Lookout, Bear Lake in the distance
That night the themed dinner was a Hawaiian luau. It was great, we all got Hawaiian name tags and shell necklaces, even Topher. TJ even did a few karaoke songs. It was a pretty low-key day, but it was nice that way.
TJ, singing Summer Nights from Grease
Hawaiian baby
That evening, there was an all-out family ping-pong tournament, with brackets and everything. The championship game was between my two brothers, Jon and Jeff. Jon won the title of Ping Pong King. We slept well again that night, except for Topher's hour of awake time around 3am. We just kept thinking that at the next reunion, he'll be almost 3 years old. That's almost impossible for us to imagine, but we look forward to it anyway.
Day 4 is coming up next, and that's our going-home day. The day we've been dreading and dreading...how will it turn out? Check back soon to find out.


  1. We LOVED the hike. It was one of my very favorite things we did the whole trip.

    I'll also never ever forget singing Summer Nights with TJ - I was more than impressed that he'd look the fool with Jeff and myself. Except he didn't look like a fool at all, he can actually sing!

    luvs, aby

  2. Haha, yeah right... I have no singing pipes at all but thanks for the compliment Aby.