Monday, August 3, 2009

Utah: Day 2

Tuesday we all woke up a lot happier after finally getting some sleep. For breakfast, we had the traditional Berbert Reunion cereal lineup--we buy about 50 different types of cereal and every morning you can try as many different varieties as you want. It works out well. The activity for the day was going to Bear Lake beach, and we were a little anxious to see how Topher would react to the cool water. Apparently he's toughened up a bit because as soon as I dipped his feet in the water, he just started stomping in the waves and having a grand old time. TJ was brave enough to get all the way in the water, but it was a little too cold for me to dive under. Eventually even Topher got waist high, but he would make a questionable face every time a wave would splash against his chest. Every time we'd try to take him out of the water, though, he would reach back down like he wanted to be back in it, so we knew he was having a great time. Topher thought it was especially funny when TJ would spurt water out like a whale and it was so much fun to hear him laughing so hard at his daddy.
Topher and mommy at Bear Lake's Rendezvous Beach
Topher and daddy...look at that beautiful view
Topher stomping in the waves--he totally loved it!
We took a lunch break (we sampled Bear Lake's famous raspberry shakes, so good) and came back to the water for more fun. TJ and I even got to take out the family's rented jet ski for a run (neither one of us had ever been on one before.) I can't believe how fast 30 mph can feel out on the water...we got up to 40 but that's as fast as we felt we could go without completely losing control. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and then as soon as TJ would slow down, I would tell him to do it again. We even traded places out in the middle of the lake so I could have a turn driving (TJ fell off into the water in the process but I managed to stay on, haha.) I could barely go 2o mph without feeling like the jet ski was going to take a nose dive into the choppy water and catapult us off. It was a lot of fun, and Topher let my aunt Sheila hold him the whole time. Good thing we had spf 50 on Topher, though, because even though it wasn't very hot, the sun is so intense up in the mountains. I missed an area on my back and it burned. Topher didn't even turn pink, so that baby sunscreen really works. :)
Topher catching some rays...such a beach baby! Aunt Sheila holds Topher while we try not to die on the jet ski
After the beach we all just relaxed at the house until it was time to start dinner. It was my family's turn to host dinner (my mom and siblings and all our families) and we had an Italian feast. My brother Jeff even said the prayer in Italian, it was pretty cool (he went on a mission to Rome for 2 years so he's fluent.) We also made a very important move...we traded my cousins Anna and Laura our safari room for their room over in the quiet house, which worked out well because they wanted to be in the fun house anyway. That night, we relished the fact that our room was a dark, silent cave and we all slept like hibernating bears.
Anna (L) and Laura (R) play with Topher
The quiet house--this house was small compared to the other one!
I think this was our favorite day because of the beach. We love watching our little water baby having fun and we can't wait to take him back to a real ocean beach when he gets just a little bit older.

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  1. You have WAY better luck with sunblock than I do. I slather my kids and still they keep getting burned. I felt SO bad for forgetting Sable's face, poor girl!

    You sure went fast on the Jet Ski, Rome wouldn't let me go any faster than 5 - and that was pushing it!

    luvs, aby