Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Picture: Bear Lake Utah Rental Home (Site of '09 Berbert Reunion) Ah, family reunions. TJ was exposed to his first Berbert Reunion just one week after we were married (I married him just in time, lol). It was in Montana and the accommodations reminded us of...oh, I think the word we decided on was a "camping retreat." It was interesting to say the least. That was 2005. We have a reunion every other year and we had to miss the '07 Branson affair, but we promised we'd make the next one. Well, it's now the next one coming up this summer, and the location is Bear Lake, UT. Unfortunately, we have become quite car-shy with Topher and our original plan of a family car trip to Colorado Springs and then on to Bear Lake were quickly scrapped when we added up the hours...16 one way. That's a big no. So we were going to cancel altogether, but my mom begged and I did promise I'd make the '09 Reunion, no matter the location (I specifically remember saying that, too, figuring that 2 years was enough time to get everything sorted.) So after carousing some discount travel sites, we went with the Priceline Negotiator and we have 2 non-stop tickets from Des Moines to Salt Lake (Topher flies for free because he sits on my lap). And a rental car once we get there, since Bear Lake is a few hours from Salt Lake. We are still nervous about the flight (obviously we have NO experience combining babies and airplanes) but it's only a couple hours, and then a couple hours in the car (hopefully the mountains will be more exciting for Topher to look at than Iowa fields.) And this time, our accommodations will include the following: TV, alarm clock, air conditioning, more than one foot of space around the perimeter of the bed, and a bathroom that isn't located down the hall. (I think I'll save the rest of my Montana reflections for another blog.) The official Reunion Countdown Clock says we have 83 days to go. Hear that, Topher? That gives you 83 days to get ready for your first flight. Despite my nerves, I have to admit I'm excited to show him the mountains for the first time, and I can't wait to introduce him to the extended family. TJ, thanks for being brave enough to try another reunion with my crazy family. I think we're going to have a lot of fun. :) --KC


  1. Do you mean Montana? Chico?

    OK, so we actually really loved it there and have talked many times about when we'll go back. I in fact have said NUMEROUS times that I WISH this year reunion was there again. Sitting in those hot springs sounds mighty good.

    We did have a bathroom that was in the room, but we also had our fair share of "inconveniences". We shared a room - it was two rooms connected - with Jon, Katie and their kids. They had to cross through our room anytime they wanted to use the bathroom. Our room also smelled like the swamp. We were traveling with two kiddos, one who refused to eat anything but french fries and chicken nuggets at the time and the other was still an infant. I had to buy frozen french fries, keep them in a cooler and take them to the front desk to be microwaved!
    Also, our car for the trip got switched to a PT Cruiser. All I can say is, clown car.
    Nonetheless, after the initial shocks wore off, and we saw the beauty of the place, we had a GREAT time.
    But when we go back, we'll be getting our own room.
    Oh, and our kids will actually eat!

    We're more than likely gonna be at the reunion too, even though I've been poo-pooing it. I just hope this reunion is more. . .reunioney. Can anybody say, sack races??

    luvs, aby

  2. Oh whoa...sack races? I'm glad you enjoyed Montana but it was a long, long way from our idea of a vacation. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty scenery and fun to be around everyone (and the ghost hunt was SO much fun.) Maybe you and Jeff should vacation with Aimee and Dale...I think you all have the same tastes as far as vacations go, lol. As for me, air conditioning in the middle of summer is kind of necessary. Really though, I hope you guys do make it this year because it wouldn't be the same without you. But what's with the sack races?? :)

  3. Ha!

    I think you and I need to hang out together one on one. SERIOUSLY. We've never done it! I've been your sis in law for over 7 years and you still can't hear/read the sarcasim in my voice?!

    I do hope that this reunion can be all about family actually spending time together and getting to know and feel comfortable with each other. I've been a Runyan for this long and I STILL don't feel comfortable. It actually really frustrates me. I wish everyone could just be themselves and know that's ok and we all still love each other. Do you ever feel like that's missing in the fam?

    luvs, aby

    PS - I'm at McDonalds with the kiddos right now and the weird janitor guy with VERY few teeth just said, "I check my e-mail". As in, he wants to use my computer. What??? Am I rude to have said, sorry no?

  4. Haha, I think you're the one not getting my jokes or hearing my sarcasm. :) And yeah, we should hang out, I wish I lived closer so we could do that. I think it will help a lot that we're all staying in the one big house this year...more opportunites to sit around and talk or play games or whatever. Also, to answer your question, yes. I think our family is pretty guarded and reserved most of the time (well, not Jon) and that we sometimes seem to walk on eggshells. I know TJ is much quieter when we come to KC because he doesn't want to offend anyone. I could see where you wouldn't feel comfortable being as blunt as comes naturally to you...but feel free to be blunt with me. I can dish it out and I can certainly take it. Do you think you guys will fly or drive?
    p.s. No way, I wouldn't want a stranger touching my computer. I would have said no and then I would have felt bad for the guy, but that's just me.

  5. Oh boy. There's that "blunt" word again. I just can't escape it lately! I must have bumped up my bluntness without knowing it cause I'm getting it all the time. The weird thing is, I actually feel like I try to hold back most of the time. Maybe I just need to be nicer.
    Course I FEEL nice.
    Now I'm just babbling.
    The janitor is back.
    You should see me around my family. Actually, if you just saw my whole family - extended relatives and all you'd see where the "bluntness" comes from.
    But it seems to serve us.
    OK, I'll stop.
    Maybe I won't.
    Maybe I'll just make this the longest post ever.
    I give up.

    luvs, aby